SHANNON is a multidisciplinary project consisting of three works 
Dear Shannon (2021), The helicopter (2018) and Please be real (2018)

Dear Shannon is an experimental film with spoken word, it shares the story of three people whose lives become inextricably linked as their relationships with one another strengthen, and they retreat into a world of their own. "Dear Shannon" portrays the need we have for one another to feel safe and connected.
The film shows the impact of illness and the loss of bodily functions on a person whose body was known, understood and recognised as outlandish, grand, sensational; an expression of wild thoughts. What does it mean to be 'the queen of the scene' when this is only recognised through a costumed body, a symbol of beauty, vitality and expressiveness? Through this project I want to show what hides behind that costume; vulnerability; a new kind of beauty and a body in distress.

Please be real is a study of Shannon's face. Analyzing the deeper meaning of a connection between two people, how someone's identity can be vital for exploring your own. 
Please be real, Julia Heijligers
Please be real, plaster, 2018
Dear Shannon, SD Video, 1920 × 1080, 5:56, 2021
quote: "Auguries of Innocence" William Blake
The Helicopter is a kit, Talon A600, owned by Shannon, built by me since Shannon couldn't build it, because of her illness. 
It is a project that focuses on process rather than outcome, where the main question was how far one's capacities could stretch through determination and willpower. 
In retrospect, it has been a project where the helicopter became a symbol. Representing the ultimate freedom of boundaries/borders, internal and external. Becoming a spiritual catharsis where restricting beliefs are broken down. 

In Loving memory of Shannon
Forever grateful for your being
† June 16, 2021

The helicopter, Talon A600, 2018
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